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To Protect a Princess Reviews and Awards

To Protect a Princess was a finalist for the Holt Medallion and was the winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award.

"To Protect a Princess is the second book in The Crusaders miniseries by Gail Barrett and a captivating tale filled with mystery, suspense and romance. Dara was a fun heroine that never backed down from a challenge and Logan was a strong hero that learned to deal with his past. When these two characters came together it was passionate and romantic. Author Gail Barrett is a talented writer that takes readers on a wondrous journey that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. 5 Angels!"
--Fallen Angel Reviews

“Logan Burke was the only man who could help archeologist Dara Adams, but when she tries to  hire the taciturn guide in a disreputable bar in Peru, Logan turns her down flat.  But once Logan realizes that murderous mercenaries are tracking the lovely archaeologist, he has no choice but to take Dara up on her offer.  Together, Logan and Dara set off for the long-lost Incan city of Quillacocha to find the legendary Roma dagger.  But while on the trail, the two encounter many dangers, including a hostile terrain, a lethal sniper, and an unquenchable desire that threatens to distract Dara from her real goal of finding one of her people’s lost historical treasures.  A deliciously dark and tortured hero, a strong-willed heroine, and a fascinating South American setting all come neatly together in Barrett’s action-rich, sizzlingly sexy contemporary romantic suspense novel.”

“This rich, compelling read is a treasure. I do not think I will ever forget the powerful, and believable, characters of Logan and Dara. The adrenaline rush alone is enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Gail Barrett captivates with To Protect A Princess. I fell in love with the whole characterization of Logan. The way Ms. Barrett sketches Logan, I could visualize this strong man riding atop his horse and his whole persona. I simply fell in love with him. I want him. Seriously, I want Logan to come to my house and take me away. This stirring tale moved me and never once did I come upon a dull moment. Extraordinary, with some twists and turns, this heart-stopping read is like a roller coaster ride choked full of entertaining thrills that I highly recommend.” 5 Cups!
--Coffee Time Reviews

“The stories of Gail Barrett bring total satisfaction to the reader, as every subject she tackles is carefully researched and then brought to life in vividly realistic scenes. In TO PROTECT A PRINCESS, the colorfully described setting let me experience the landscape right along with the characters, some of it breath-taking and other parts frighteningly precarious. This story is one continuous ride of boldly dangerous exploits, where one will gasp at the peril involved as you anxiously await the outcome. The quest in this book is very cleverly executed, as it frequently takes an unexpected turn. Some of these twists will astound the reader, making the whole story even more extraordinary. Even though the hero and heroine do not think of themselves in such terms, Logan and Dara most certainly qualify. Neither wants to be responsible for anyone else coming to harm, yet their honorable natures keep them following what they see as a duty. Logan is especially admirable, as he hides his real feelings with an outward toughness. By ignoring what their hearts want them to do, there is sky-high sexual tension in this book, some of the most profound I have ever read. When this couple decides to let themselves be just a man and a woman, not a princess and the loner, the moment is powerfully rousing from their unexpressed longings. If action-packed danger with intensely portrayed emotions is your desired reading genre, then TO PROTECT A PRINCESS is the book for you.” 5 Stars!

“Gail Barrett expands on her Roma legend and people with To Protect a Princess, the second book in The Crusaders series. We learn still more about this prophecy that has the Roma population clinging to their last bit of hope in Dara. She also expands on the enemy sect out to defeat Dara. World building is exquisitely done and Gail Barrett did a fantastic job creating vivid images in my mind’s eye as I envision the characters and the setting. I was with Dara and Logan on those mountains, I felt their pain their respective pasts caused. I felt Dara’s building fear as the villain hot on her tail grows closer. To Protect a Princess is [a] highly suspenseful, fast paced story that kept me on the edge of my seat as I waited to see what would happen next.

Logan and Dara are perfect for each other. They are each other’s strength as they break down the walls preventing each of them from finding peace. Logan is a fascinating emotionally scarred alpha male whose very nature is at war with the restrictions he has imposed on himself. Dara is a strong woman who does not know her own worth. As she faces down her enemies and feels the pressure from her responsibilities, she comes into her own and finally becomes aware of just how resilient she really is. Sexual tension is through the roof as they try to resist the undeniable attraction between them. When they finally give in to their passion, the fireworks are strong enough to singe your fingers.

There is a twist at the end of To Protect a Princess that is sure to surprise readers, making us desperate to find out how Gail Barrett will conclude The Crusaders trilogy. I for one don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait and see what comes next.”


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